Tomić, S. (2019). Leadership, Institutions and Enforcement: Anti-Corruption Agencies in Serbia, Croatia and Macedonia. Palgrave Macmillan.

In progress
Tomić, S (expected publication date: 2019/20). When and How Integrity Regulators Can Constrain the Government: A Comparative Analysis of Ireland, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Jamaica.

Tomić, S. (2018). Legal independence vs. leaders’ reputation: Exploring drivers of ethics commissions’ conduct in new democracies. Public Administration96(3), 544-560.

Submitted & under review
Rauh, J., & Tomić, S. Explaining Delegation of Government Oversight: Political Culture, not Electoral Politics.

In progress & presented
Tomić, S., Schmidt, R. How Transnational Regulatory Regimes Respond to Legitimacy Crisis:  the Curious Case of Unresponsiveness of the Antidoping Regime in  Sports.

Tomić, S.. Has Regulatory Governance Consolidated as a Discipline? Using Machine
 Learning to Analyse the Trends in Regulation Scholarship (2008-2018).

Tomić, S., Scott, C. The Role of Transnational Networks in Advancing Integrity Regulation. 

Tomić, S. National and Transnational Regulation of Gambling Markets.

Tomić, S., Alblas, E. The Impact of Budget Changes on Implementation Patterns of Environmental Agencies.


Jack, R., Tomić, S. (2017). First Review of International Federations Governance.
 Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF), Lausanne 2017.

Tomić, S., Taseva, S., Popović, I., Jovančić, A., & Vojinović, Z. (2015). Agency
Transparency and Accountability: A Comparative Analysis of Five Regulated Sectors
in Serbia and Macedonia.
La Mantini, Belgrade 2015.


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